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Mahogany - Swamp : Eucalyptus robusta
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Common Name :
Mahogany - Swamp
Scientific Name :
Eucalyptus robusta
Circumference :
1.70 metres (66 inches)
Height :
12.00 metres (39 feet)
Crown :

11.00 metres (36 feet)

Points :


State :
Town :
Sydney, Coogee

Location :
70 Jacaranda Place
Coordinates :

33 55 55 s 151 15 10 e
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Nominator :
Michael Burton
Year Measured :

Type :

Comments :

There is a story behind this tree. My wife and I had to fight hard to save it. It was slated for cutting down, together with ~150 others in a new housing development behind our house. The arborist the developer had contracted to do a tree survey of the site concluded that none were worth preserving in the entire site. Naturally we thought differently! We had to take on the developer plus the local Council to try and save it. We had to commission our own arborist's report which explained the value of this tree, and that it was in full health in its natural environment. In the end it came down to a tied vote in Council, and a recommendation that the tree not be cut down. Amazingly the developer then relented and didn't cut it down. The owners of the house where the tree now stands in love it too! Many other beautiful trees were cut down, however.

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